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By Susan Carroll
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 3, 1998

Residence hall rates going up

The Arizona Board of Regents gave UA residence hall prices a hefty hike yesterday, increasing the current rate by an average 3.71 percent.

Graham-Greenlee residents got the biggest hit - an additional $340 per year - because of heavy renovations, but most dorms will see their rates increase $51 or $79 this year.

Without examining specific expenditures, the board OK'd Arizona's three state universities' recommendations. Northern Arizona University asked for a 2.94 percent raise and Arizona State University got a 2.87 percent hike.

Most of the UA's increase is to cover inflation. The additional .51 percent will go toward operating costs and recycling programs, said UA President Peter Likins.

The move was "unprecedented," since tuition is traditionally set before residence hall rates, Regent Judy Gignac said.

Regent John Platt suggested a flat 3-percent increase for all residence halls at the universities and questioned where the funds will be directed.

"I think the additional cost of the 14 soap dispensers can be included in the regular fee," Platt said, referring to an itemization of the UA's increase request.

The residence hall rate increase yesterday followed a decision to postpone setting tuition rates for the universities until late April.

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