By Lauren J. Joffe
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 6, 1998

'Uneducated' opinion should be ignored

To the Editor:

The following letter is directed to any member of a fraternity, sorority or anyone else who read Ezekiel Buchheit's article ("Frats: What is and should never be," Mar. 30), but most of all this is directed to you, Ezekiel.

First of all to those of you who are annoyed with Ezekiel's article on "Frats" listen up: I am not in a sorority but a good deal of my friends are in the Greek system and guess what, there are plenty of guys that I don't like who are in a frat and there are plenty of guys that I don't like that aren't in a frat, same goes for guys that I do like. Before you jump all over Ezekiel about writing articles like these please understand this: He makes it completely clear that he bases these articles on a noneducated [sic] point of view. Basically believing stereotypes that are just that, stereotypes.

Now, Ezekiel, may I just say that I think you should sober up more often because then perhaps you would pay more attention to what you yourself have written about. March 23 you had a wonderfully entertaining article about how you spent your spring break in police custody after drugs were found in the car, on you, in you, wherever, and, yes, like you suspected, there were those of us who were happy. So when you talk about

frats keeping "the liquor stores in business and the jails full" don't forget that just two weeks ago you were doing the same thing and I get the feeling that whether or not this was your first time in jail, I don't think that this was the first time a foreign substance has been around you. Perhaps the reason that you claim to hate frats so much is because you feel as if you don't belong and therefore must put them down to make yourself feel better. Yes, Mr. Psych-major-this-week, you should know all about that.

So please, if you can't be sober long enough or are just too uneducated to write your opinions without sounding like a prejudiced idiot, then save the space in the paper for someone else's at least somewhat educated opinion.


Lauren J. Joffe
Communication Senior



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