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By Susan Carroll
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 6, 1998

Three university educators named regent professors

Three UA professors rose to the highest faculty rank Thursday as the Arizona Board of Regents approved faculty nominations for regent professors.

A unanimous vote added geosciences Professor George Davis, Professor of English Joan Dayan and chemistry Professor John Enemark to the elite group of regents professors.

Senior faculty nominate regents professors, but board policy limits nominations to 3 percent or less of tenured faculty.

The regents professor appointments will take effect July 1 and carry salary increases of $5,000 each.

George Davis

Davis developed the Faculty Fellows' speaker series, marking his 28th year at the University of Arizona. His work with UA's administration, regents committees and task forces was dubbed "unparalleled" by the Advisory Committee on Regents Professorships.

Davis, whose textbook in structural geology has been adopted by universities nationwide, has addressed geologic structure and the geology of ore and petroleum deposits in his tectonics research. In his time at the UA, Davis has been a department head, vice provost for academic affairs, acting vice president for business affairs and chair of the 1989 Reaccreditation Self Evaluation Study.

Joan Dayan

Dayan has received national and international recognition for her work on Edgar Allen Poe. Her book, Fables of the Mind, is regarded as a classic in Poe scholarship, and her essays on him appear in virtually every collection of commentary on his work.

Dayan has also developed eight new courses in the UA's English department and is revered for her scholarship in American and African-Caribbean studies. Her classroom work has been recognized by awards from the Women's Research Center, Mortar Board Honorary Society and the English department.

John Enemark

In his 30th year at the UA, Enemark's involvement at the university level has not slowed. His inorganic chemistry work has rendered him renowned and widely published internationally.

Beyond the classroom, Enemark has supervised the development of chemistry's technical support systems, chaired its promotion and tenure committee and acted as director of the core General Chemistry Program.


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