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By Tory Hernandez
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 11, 1997

ASUA to propose student fee for Union renovations

The Associated Students laid the groundwork last night for creating a student fee to finance Memorial Student Union renovations.

The Senate set aside either Nov. 12-13 or Nov. 18-19 as possible days for a referendum on the proposed fee. The exact amount of the fee still needs to be determined.

ASUA President Gilbert Davidson said he felt 100 percent confident that there will be a referendum to vote on in November.

"We (ASUA) will provide the means for students to vote and the information they need," he said.

Davidson plans to educate a team of students to make others aware of what the student fee will require.

Davidson also has plans to combine the KAMP radio and Student Union fees, which must be approved by the Arizona Board of Regents.

UA students approved a $1 fee to support KAMP's bid for FM capability last spring. However, the fee could not be applied to tuition bills without regents' approval.

"We can separate the funds so $1 of the union fee is for KAMP," Davison said.

The referendum can take place in one of two ways: either by approval of the Senate or by a student initiative. Davidson said he would prefer to get Senate approval.

In other business, the Senate unanimously approved spending $1,500 on Child Care Initiatives.

Senator Justin Klump presented the item and asked the Senate to approve $1,000. Senator Cisco Aguilar made a friendly amendment to increase the amount to $500, which Klump said he was pleased with.

Davidson offered to match the original request of $1,000 from his own operational budget, providing a total of $2,500 for Child Care Initiatives.

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