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Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 15, 1998

Students get chance to talk with Likins today


Wildcat File Photo
Arizona Daily Wildcat

Peter Likins

Students today will have an hour to shoot the breeze with UA President Peter Likins on the Mall.

KAMP Student Radio and the Associated Students secured Likins' ears from noon to 1 p.m. for an informal tête-á-tête.

"I will walk into it with my eyes wide open, wondering what will happen next," Likins said.

The aim of the event is to make the president more accessible to students, said Justin Clifton, KAMP's outreach coordinator. "This is an easy way for students to reach Likins because they are already on the Mall."

Beyond accessibility, it's a way to get Likins in close contact with students, ASUA President Gilbert Davidson said.


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