By Mark Bowling
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 12, 1997

Symington represents 'family values'


Rachel Alexander's article about former governor Fife Symington was a refreshing contrast to the Wildcat's typical commentary- e.g. Jennifer McKean's PE rubbish. Like Rachel, I'm tired of uninformed people's comments such as "We should impeach him (Symington) just because of these serious charges. He's such an embarrassment to the state."

Fife Symington was an excellent governor, and a competent, ethical real estate developer. While everyone else irresponsibly bailed out during the real estate slump, Fife scrambled to stay solvent and tried to pay back his loans. In the late eighties and early nineties, my family struggled in a similar fashion; we barely managed to make it through.

Symington's values are my family's values-for that, I will always respect him as a person AND politician.

Mark Bowling

Mining engineering junior


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