By Joan Morton
Arizona Daily Wildcat
May 5, 1998

College is last bastion of thought

To the Editor:

Jill Dellamalva's column of Apr. 17 ("College versus real world education"), in which she decries the fact that thinking is confined to our ivy-walled towers, is right on. All the true weighers of information seem to be recycled back to academics to become professors or professional students.

Outside university confines, people don't want to discuss ideas anymore. The emphasis is on the accumulation of sheer data parading as facts and the hostile dissemination of opinions. If we were more willing to share information, experiences and feelings as well as ideas, wouldn't that help us to step into one another's shoes?

Where are our Renaissance people? Whence Plato's Republic ideal? Ensconced in book-of-the-month discussion groups, as far as I can see, where any idea generated can't have much of an effect. I, for one, have begun to think about this problem and will discuss it with anyone, any time. Thanks, Jill.

Joan Morton
Creative Writing senior


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