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By D. Shayne Christie
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 17, 1997

UA's Hughes takes Ward 6 Primary

Alison Hughes, a Democrat and UA employee, came out on top in last night's primary election for the Ward 6 seat on the Tucson City Council ­ beating her closest opponent, Carol Zimmerman, by over 500 votes.

Hughes won the race against fellow Democrats by securing over 35 percent of the total number of votes, or 1,858 votes.

The numbers came from the final tally just before 10 last night, with 100 percent of precincts reporting.

Hughes' victory last night over four Democratic opponents places her up against Republican Fred Rondstadt and Libertarian Dan Dougherty in the Nov. 4 general election.

Rondstadt ran uncontested and received over 700 votes last night. Dougherty, also uncontested, received 69 votes.

Hughes, who has worked at the University of Arizona for 10 years as the associate director of rural health, said her ties to UA helped her clench last night's victory.

"I would have to say I have so many ties from a broad variety of people my UA ties would have something to do with it unquestionably," she said.

While she said UA donors did more for her campaign than UA voters, she stressed the importance of both.

"I never doubted for a moment I would win, I have been around this town for 27 years and I know a lot of people. They all came through for me," Hughes said.

More than 10,000 ballots were cast in yesterday's primary ­ only 11 percent of registered voters.

Octavio Barcelo, a UA police officer who came in last with 260 votes, would agree that people are key to winning an elected office.

"This is a race where the winner is going to be out knocking on doors, shaking hands," he said.

Money plays a large role also, Barcelo said, adding he did not have as much money to work with as his opponents.

Barcelo said his campaign raised $4,500 compared to more than $20,000 raised by other candidates.

Before the results were in, Rondstadt said he was anxious to know who won the Democratic race so he could "find out who I am going to beat in November."

Democrats outnumber Republicans in the City of Tucson by a margin of 3 to 2.

"Tucson is known as left liberal, I bring to the table moderation and common sense," he said.

Hughes said if she is elected in November "you are going to see some different approaches as to how the city is shaped."


City Council Ward 6

Election Results

Alison Hughes 35%
Leo Pilachowski  25%
Carol Zimmerman  22%
Tres English 11%
Octavio Barcelo 5%


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