By Zachary Neal
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 29, 1997

Clingan's column 'disgusting'


I found Eric Clingan's characterization of the homeless as "human refuse" absolutely disgusting. That any person, with as much right to life to life and happiness as Mr. Clingan, be referred to as refuse is simply unacceptable in any civil and compassionate min. And, wasn't it enough, Mr. Clingan, to suggest that these people are living trash? Did they, in their time of need, have to be further demeaned by comparing them to feces hanging from the buttocks of society? I fail to see how this attack will improve their condition or yours, as if your condition, having a home and education, needs improving. In fact, your aim has nothing to do with improving their condition nothing to do with compassion toward humanity. Your purpose, rather, seems to be that of a schoolyard bully, picking fights with unfounded and unnecessary insults - intent on hurting rather than helping. I cannot agree more than homelessness is a serious problem that plagues our city and our country, but why not join the ranks of civilized, compassionate Americans trying to solve the problem, instead of whining and playing with your own black markers and cardboard?

Zachary Neal
Math and philosophy freshman


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