By Chuck Allen
Arizona Daily Wildcat
October 8, 1997

TV lacks cultural diversity


As a person of Hispanic descent, I can understand how Maria del Sagrado Ramirez is disappointed in the lack of Hispanic representation on TV, but there is an important fact she has overlooked: YOU DON'T NEED TV TO FIND REPRESENTATION. In fact, if you need to look to television as a source of culture and pride, you've already lost the battle.

Crack open a book, research the numerous world-shapers that aren't portrayed in a prime-time slot, visit the sites within our own state and region that Hispanics, Latinos, y Mestizos have written into American culture. Yes, American. For if we choose to recognize one group that has been shortchanged, shouldn't we note the lack of Koreans on TV? What about the Welsh? Peruvians? "Isn't this a united struggle here?

At some point, you have to ignore the idiot box and search out and define your culture on your own terms, and not the networks'.

Chuck Allen
Undecided freshman


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