By Nick Lannon
Arizona Daily Wildcat
October 10, 1997

Re-evaluate Tomey


Scottie Bricker needs to re-evaluate his stance on the Dick Tomey issue. He also needs to get those notes from the journalism classes that he skipped. He says that "there is no "I" in team, so you can't just blame one person." Scottie should consider the fact that coach Tomey does not PLAY on the team and that he is paid a handsome salary to forge a winner out of the Wildcats. Bricker's revision skills appear to be rusty, maybe he needs to GRO English 101, too. Scottie wants everyone to think that he is knowledgeable about sports, but with an article as off-base and poorly written as "Fans should turn criticism of Tomey elsewhere (10/8/97)," all he does is destroy his credibility as a journalist. Oh, and if coaching Arizona football is what Dick Tomey does best, may God have mercy on his soul.

Nick Lannon
Communications sophomore

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