[ Referendum ]


By Theresa Thompson Lindstrom
Taken from Wildcat Chat
October 09, 1997

As a U of A alumnus who was inviolved in ASUA, I am very disappointed with the senates vote in support of this large student fee. It is one thing to pay for the use of a luxury such as the rec center, but not to pay for the functional student union so that you can pay to eat there. In the four years I attended U of A many buildings were refurbished and built and students were not asked to foot half the bill for each new building. That is why we pay tuition and taxes. Opening the door for this fee will open the door for the administration to go to the students pockets for all improvements. Thanks to Summer Katzenbach for realizing the absurdity of this fee!! And SHAME on the Wildcat editorial staff for supporting this obviously inappropriate student fee.