[ Referendum ]


By T. Jefferson
Via email
October 31, 1997

Wildcat, students, everyone:

It's time to report the real facts about this Fee. First, in the "background" on this site, the fee is merely listed as $40---NOT either $40 per semester or $80 per year. The fact is, this is an $80 fee--admit it!

Secondly, I've heard that students are only paying $30 million (or 1/2 the cost which is bogus anyway) to build the Union. DO THE MATH!!! 33,000 students multiplied by $80/year DOES NOT = $30 million. It is closer to $62 MILLION! Why isn't the Wildcat reporting the FACTS to students? My guess is because they know that the FEE is excessive, exorbitant and burdensome to students--but since they took an early stance on the issue, they don't have the nads to back out and do the right thing.

This thing is out of control--but it's time for "Joe students" like us to take a stand, not suck up to ASUA, and send this thing back to the administration so that they can: 1) raise money from alumni for the building; 2) ask the state for money (that's what they're for...); or 3) save some of the millions of dollars that come to the University every year.

Who is ASUA representing these days? Certainly not the students.

VOTE NO...the Union is good, the Fee sucks.

T. Jefferson
ordinary UA student