[ Referendum ]


By Sean Snitzer
Via email
October 31, 1997

Wildcat, students, everyone:

In reflection of your article Fri, Oct 31 article "Former Student Leaders Opposing the Union Fee, " I would like to express my support for the Student Union fee.

As a gradute of A.S.U., I am fully aware of extra tutition fees for projects. Students at A.S.U. have and continue to pay a $25 dollar fee for the constuction of the Student Recreation Center, which is now one of the largest and best facilities of its kind in the nation. In exchange for the $25 fee, full time student receive free use of the facility with an optional $15 locker and towel fee per semester. So the argument that the Union fee would promote increased fees across the state is moot.

Instead of complaining the cost. The student government should be more focused on what the services they and future student will be entitled to as a result of the fee. They should bargain for the things they want and need in the new Union such as new study areas with internet connections, upgraded food courts etc. If they don't concern themselves with these issues now the Union will become more of a self-serving profit organization than a place for students.

The proposed $40 is insignificant over the term of most student loans anyway. Many typical college students will blow $40 on chops and beer in one week, so what's the problem.