[ Referendum


By Kevin A. Lincoln
Via email
November 3, 1997

Students, Faculty, Staff, Administrators, Alumni and the General Public:

For further information on why you should oppose the $80 Student Union fee, please see: www.u.arizona.edu/~schrade

This site has been organized by a committee of concerned students and alumni, now known as "Union yes, FEE NO!". We recognize the fact that a new rennovated Union is imperative. However, the way in which ASUA leadership has been sucked into loading this fee onto students is reprehensible and must be defeated. Look at the facts: NAU constructed a brand-new Union without a student fee; ASU constructed a new wing to its Union without a student fee. Why is the Administration trying to nail students with the majority of costs at the UA. And of equal, if not more concern, why would supposed "Student" leaders support a proposal that will have students pay over $60 MILLION (not the advertised price of $30 million) over 25 years to pay for this thing.

There is another way--force ASUA and the administration to be creative in their financing. VOTE NO ON THE UINON FEE.


Honest Abe