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By Michael Benveniste
Via email
November 4, 1997

As the Assistant Federal Relations Director in ASUA, I feel that this referendum is clearly a mistake. The reason for this is due to the very fact that this document is ambiguous (which is what most political proposals seem to be). I agree that a fee is necessary because the Student Union needs renovations, but their are several 'frills' on the Student Referendum that might not be needed. Such as more restaurants or places to do you banking, even more computer labs. These things are nice but not imperative at this time. If a fee is going to be given, it has to be an accurate amount for the most important things and the extra items should come later. Students, such as myself, are paying alot of money to pay tuition and come to this school. Tuition is continuing to rise, and if their is going to be a referendum on student renovation than the price that each student will pay every semester must reflect on the 'most important' changes to the Union, not the frills right now. The payments on the students must be gradual and not thrown on them to deal with, that is irresponsible and unfair. Another good idea is having other people (besides the students) help to pay for the Student Union Renovations, students are not the only ones using the Student Union on a day to day basis. I HOPE THE STUDENTS WHO READ THIS ARTICLE UNDERSTAND MY LOGIC AND GIVE ME FEEDBACK.

Thank You,

Michael Benveniste

(The following clarifications were sent to us after this submission was posted...-Webmaster)
From: Michael Benviniste

The message I wrote entitle 'ASUA MESSAGE' may have been misleading, it isn't a message from ASUA nor an opinion by the entire student government. I'm sorry for all the upper case letters, my mistake. I wanted people who read my article to know that I am not the Assistant Federal Relations Director by I do 'assist' in helping the Federal Relations in ASUA. This message is from someone who works for and with ASUA, an opinion by one person. Thank You



I would just like to clarify that at no time has Mr. Benvenista held an official position within ASUA or its Federal Relations Department. His views are not representative of the views of the Federal Relations Department and his actions are in no way sanctioned by this office.

Andrew Hayden
Federal Relations Director, ASUA