[ Referendum


By Travis Klein
Via email
November 9, 1997

My name is Travis Klein. I would just like to tell you that the student tax is going down. I cannot believe that the ASUA thinks we can be suckered into voting for this. I dont care what you survey says the students will vote it down. I know that we the students are going to get screwed anyway but why vote for it. The ASUA just changed the referndom on WED. They really have no clue do they? Here is the bottom line: A yes vote will impose a 40 fee each semester for 25 years! A no vote will not impose a 40 fee.

The tution argument is weak because we all know that regents will raise tuiton next year either way. They raised it last year and do we have a new union? No. Its not the students job to bale out the morons in the ASUA and the Aministration. If they want a new union let them pay for it, but as for me I ENVISION MYSELF VOTING NO.
Travis Klein