[ Referendum ]


By Gordon Zaft
Submitted via email
October 13, 1997

The recent vote of the ASUA Senate on a referendum for a Student Union fee shows a lack of consideration for the interests of the 24% of students who are graduate or professional students.

The ASUA Senate does NOT represent grad/professional students; the Graduate and Professional Student Council represents them. As such, the GPSC should be the only group approving a referendum to be put before grad/prof. students, unless the referendum is to be broken out by undergrad/grad status.

I seriously doubt the administration will seriously consider this option, however, since most grad./professional students would undoubtedly vote down a fee for a Student Union that many of them won't use anyway. ASUA and the administration (in bed again) are counting on the majority support they'll get from undergrads to ram this fee down our throats.

These Machiavellian tactics show the same strategy of lip service to grad students -- we're screwed again.

Gordon Zaft
ECE Grad Student