[ Referendum


By smithbr
Via email
November 9, 1997

I am appalled at the idea of direct charges to students for the renovation of the Student Union, especially in light of the multi-national food chains that have and are moving in to the Union, ready to make a killing selling over-priced, pre-fab food to our 35,000+ student bodies. Taco Bell, Domino's Pizza, and now Micky D's have pushed their way into what was once a group of university food providers, and now we're all suppose to kick in our $40.00 a year to make the Union a better place for them to sell their wares? I think not. Before McDonald's was allowed to move in they should have been charged whatever it would cost to renovate and repair their portion of the Union, and more, considering their potential for profit in the coming years. In fact, didn't we already spend a small fortune on Taco Bell to get that beautiful wall on their property on the corner of Speedway and Campbell? (Just in case you weren't sure exactly where the University of Arizona *is* in Tucson.) I sure hope they returned the investment when they moved onto our property.

I've got a couple of other ideas. How about we forget all about that stupid underground freshman facility that no-one but the administration and their contractors really want, and take that money and renovate the Student Union. Or, better yet, I say we start charging students a $40.00 per year fee to renovate the libraries. Here we are, patting ourselves on the back for being a "Research One" university, and my students can't find an NMR spectra in the Science Library because the spectra collection has been stolen or vandelized. What cutting edge scientific breakthroughs are on hold because the library can't afford the best journal references? How many synthesis are failing because the supplemental material (microfiche) isn't organized or protected from theft? Why can't I study in the library on Friday and Saturday nights?

I'll spare you my tirades on the wanton destruction of perfectly good flowers twice a year on a campus that could just as easily be landscaped in permaculture, saving money in both resources and personnel. The point is someone somewhere has their priorities pretty screwed up, and we owe it to ourselves and the future attendees of this fine institution to set them straight. Vote "NO" on the referendum, no student fees for a project that should be paid for out of the general funding for the university.