[ Referendum


By Cobea E Becker
Via email
November 85, 1997

I would like to know where you are getting your figures about the students paying over $60 for 25 years. As the referendum stands, the students will only be paying HALF of the TOTAL cost, which is estimated to be about $60-70 million. The Administration is forced to find creative ways of fundraising for the other half of this money because we, the students, are only bound to pay that half. President Likins, along with the rest of the deans have promised to set aside a specific amount each year to help fund this union. The basic issue is apporpriation power. With this set fee, the students will have COMPLETE say that this money collected will be STRICTLY used for union renovation and student programs.

If you talk about no one using student programs right now, it is because they are not accessable. With this fee, immediate improvements is Career Services, Scholarship Searches, and general outside student programs will begin to help give this campus a sense of community, which it lacks entirely.

Every other public university in this country, with the exception of Utah and Arizona, have student fees. Many of these campuses provide services to their students in order to help the campus feel like home. They all have a higher retention rate for their freshmen, and people like being there. If you look at our Student Rec Center, the Administration was only able to raise $200,000 which was not a significant amount, leaving the students to pay the rest, WHICH IS WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN IF THE REFERENDUM FAILS!

The renovations of the Student Union will be a big improvement over what is there now. I, for one, don't enjoy hanging out there, or even getting something to eat from there, because it is smelly and is potentially dangerous. A new union is needed and we as students will PAY FOR IT EITHER WAY!! The main thing, is with this fee, the Administration or the Board of Regents will not be able to raise tuition specifically for this, nor will they be allowed to cut programs in order to fund this renovation. It is up to you, and I think that you should vote YES for the referendum, but either way, make sure you vote, so at least you have a voice on this campus!

Presidential Staff 1997