[ Referendum


By Eric E. Clingan
Via email
November 19, 1997

C. Becker's naive email exemplifies the half-baked idea that is this fee. The fee is pegged at $40. However, the Union and the Bookstore must also contribute in excess of $10 million to the project. Just where do you think these two entities are going to find that money? Do you believe that the Union and the Bookstore will simply write off their "donation" as a cost of doing business? How about eight tiny reindeer pulling a sleigh?

Fact is, the Union and the Bookstore will get that money from their customers -the students! Like any other business, they will raise their prices. How much control do students have over those decisions? Not much. So, it is entirely conceivable that students will, indeed, be paying well over $40.00 per semester if this referendum passes.

Eric E. Clingan