[ Referendum ]


By Allen Frasier
Submitted via email
October 13, 1997

Why are the students of the University being hit up with yet another fee for a service that should be provided through tuition and tax dollars paid to the University? Will it eventually get to the point one day when students are forced to pay for sidewalk improvements as well? This renovation should come from the administration of the University through dollars paid by students, their families and state tax revenue. I compare this situation to buying a car from a con-artist. It's awful to see an extra fee for a service that should be included in the cost of going to college.

Also, why are the staff and faculty not being charged the fee? They share the use of the Student Union as much as the students do.

This is the same argument I made while I was at the University. (1990 - 1995) I've always insisted that renovation costs for University structures come out of the general fund.

Allen Frasier
Geological Engineering Alumni -1995