[ Referendum ]


By George P Ng
Via email
October 25, 1997


Yes, the Student Union fee will pass, because I have you all fooled--or is it because you are all fools? I'm not a fool; I promised to support a fee before I even knew what the Union would cost or what the fee would be! You are fools because you blindly follow along believing that I negotiated in your interest.

I have access to thousands of dollars from the Administration that you don't know about....even the Wildcat doesn't know about it! I'm going to spend at least $20,000 in campaigning for this $80/year (not $40 like you all think) fee and the Dean of Students office has already promised reimbursement. This doesn't even include the money being spent by the Union itself.

You don't know that NAU had a brand new Union built in the late 80's at NO cost to students, a few years ago ASU had a new wing of its Union built at NO cost to students.....here administrators tell me that you need to pay. I can afford it so you can too. Besides, you don't know anything, I know everything, and the Union will pass. You don't know that the McClelland building was constructed completely with donations; you don't know that the UA raised over $200 million in the 1980s and is going to be starting a new capital campaign soon---but it won't pay for the Union. You don't even know how to add! $80/year multiplied by 35,000 students over time should pay for the entire building...

Not only do I have all of ASUA in my pocket, except for those two "student advocate" Senators, Katzenbach and Aguilar, but I've even got the Wildcat in my pocket--suckers.

Yes, I am Student Leader Pretend. This is my world and this is my time. I have been given the freedom to do as I see fit; it's high time I razed the walls that I constructed. This is my mistake, let me make it good....and make you pay for it. (thanks to R.E.M. for my inspiration)

Thank you for your ignorance,

G.(o)D., ASUA President

WAKE UP STUDENTS, WILDCAT, and others---you're being duped! There are other ways to finance the building...VOTE NO so our leaders will be forced to explore them....