[ Referendum ]


By Barbara Franklin
Taken from Wildcat Chat
October 29, 1997

First of all let me say I have fond memories of this old SU building. However, it is falling apart. The Student Union Referendum fee doesn't include the obvious fix-up costs involved in just getting this 45+ year old building up to code. I understand that the referendum has a stipulation in it that the administration MUST find those funds from other sources than the students. THEREFORE, IT WILL BE RE-BUILT - the question is do we, as students want to be in the driver's seat, or locked in the trunk of the car with our hands tied. I mean, do we want to VOTE and PASS something that will have impact on how our, our parent's money is spent? If we vote yes, we can CONTROL the amount we fork over (not to exceed 40%!). That, to me, is a BIG difference than an automatic tuition hike that Administration could easily employ against my wallet to just pay for the fix-up costs to bring this building back up to code. I VOTE YES!!!!!