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By Alicia A. Caldwell
Arizona Daily Wildcat
October 14, 1997

UA looks into release of Simon's records

The University of Arizona attorney's office began an investigation Friday into the leak of educational records of basketball player Miles Simon, a university lawyer said yesterday.

Mike Proctor, a UA lawyer, said his office is working in conjunction with Mike Gottfredson, vice president of undergraduate education, to determine who released the educational records to the Kansas City Star to aid in their investigation.

Anyone with access to the Student Information System could have gotten Simon's records.

Simon's records were published Friday at the conclusion of an 18-month investigation. The Kansas newspaper did not violate any privacy laws by publishing the records, but whoever provided the paper with the information violated the federal law, Proctor said.

By releasing Simon's records the UA violated the Federal Education Records Privacy Act of 1974. The act states a student must give permission to a university for the release of their records.

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