• Right Wing Marc Harris (18) drives with the puck in front of a St. Louis Billikens player.

  • Center Tom Thompson (5) and Defense Ace Pascual (17), behind right, move down the rinc toward the goal.

  • Right Wing Mike Graves slaps the puck while a St. Louis player high checks him.

  • Right Wing Mike Graves (9) is high checked again as he attempts to pass the puck.

  • Center Paul Dorn (10) grabs the puck before it gets to a St. Louis player.

  • Center Kory Wagstaff (21) skates toward the puck.

  • Center Ben Ruston (19) wrestles for the puck betwenn St. Louis players

  • Defense Chad Dyjak (24) races for the puck against a St. Louis Billikens player.

  • Center Kory Wagstaff (21) gets tied up while getting the puck from a St. Louis Billikens player.

  • Center Tom Thompson (5) at the faceoff St. Louis Billikens player Moore (21).

  • Goalkeeper Mike Tesi (32) blocks the puck from St Louis Billikens player (28).

  • Right Wing Mike Graves (9) grabs the puck from the wall as a St. Louis Billikens player comes up from behind.

  • Center Brian Meehan (14) and Left Wing Charles McCarty (20) scramble to try and make a goal against Billikens defensive players.

  • Center Tom Thompson (5) helps teammates get the puck from St. Louis players.

  • Center Paul Dorn (10) begins to drive the puck down the rink


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