American Collegiate Press awards the Online Wildcat 1997 Best of the Net!

On Saturday, Nov. 1, the American Collegiate Press awarded the Online Wildcat the following awards:

  • General excellence: first place

  • Overall site design: first place

  • Editorial content: second place

I think I can safely speak for the whole webstaff when I say


Of course, we have a billion people to thank, people like...

  • Keith Diehl, who nurtured this site out of its grey-and-black dark ages and into the current format. This site has Keith all over it - it is Keith, and he deserves one enormous congratulations as much as anyone else.
  • Brett Bendickson, the University of Arizona's webguru and support god, whose previous and current work with the Wildcat have kept it going all these years, and going well.
  • Faith Edman, for her prolonged enthusiasm, guidance and support.
  • Mark Woodhams, for his support -- and this righteous new equipment.
  • Kelly Sampson and Todd Hardy, for being editors who recognize the importance of a paper's Web presence.
  • Christine Verges, for being the editor who not only realized that we had to get this paper online in the first place, but managed to do so.
  • Gabe Leung, for putting in all those early mornings.
  • Al Brower and Megan Guertner, for currently putting in the early mornings to get this paper online. You guys are great, we're lucky to have you, and congratulations on a heck of a job.
  • And if I'm allowed to thank myself, Bryan Hance, well, I will. Thanks for trying to make everything work smoothly, thank being the in-house technogeek, and thanks for contributing a mad amount of time to this site.

(I don't think I forgot anyone, but if I did, please forgive me...)

You know, this might just make it worth getting up at 6 a.m. every day...

-the webstaff