• Marching Band Alumni mix with the current band members during halftime.(~41K)

  • The UA cheerleading squad at halftime. (~32K)

  • Sophomore Stephanie Ferreira lights Freshman Cory Shapiro's flare during Friday night's ritual lighting of the "A" on Sentinel Peak. (~33K)

  • Delta Chi and Alpha Phi made their float into a giant birthday cake to celebrate the centennial birthday of UA's Homecoming.(~27K)

  • Andrew Lance, 3, (right) and brother Jonathon, 5, are fascinated with the Saguaro Credit Union mascot during the homecoming parade festivities.(~50K)

  • Jonathan Plicht paints an unfinished Homecoming float Friday at the Kappa Sigma fraternity house along with members of Alpha Delta Pi.(~28K)

  • Former Homecoming queen, Dee Dee Buzzi crowns Andrea Arlotti as this year's queen while candidate Robyn Connolly watches. (~32K)

  • Homecoming king Casey Cuny and queen Andrea Arlotti pose during the halftime show.(~75K)

  • King and queen Casey Cuny and Andrea Arlotti are presented to the homecoming game crowd. (~44K)

  • The UA Marching Band ...(~33K)

  • Dick Tomey leaves the field after a 27-7 win over Oregon State.(~30K)

  • Punter Ryan Springston (17) runs unsuccessfully for a goal on an fake field goal kick.(~37K)

  • Oregon St. quarterback Timothy Roland Alexander (10) is charged by Wildcat linebacker DaShon Polk (31).(~40K)

  • Runningback Kevin Schmidtke (34) is handed the ball and runs for yardage.(~30K)

  • Runningback Jay Hinton (25) looks for an opening to running play as free saftey Terrance Carroll (44) comes up from behind.(~34K)

  • Ryan Turley (76), offensive lineman, autographs the shirt of a little Wildcat fan after a touchdown.(~31K)


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