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By L. Anne Newell
Arizona Daily Wildcat
November 14, 1997

Campus organizations spend to get out the vote

Students will decide next week whether to pay $40 a semester to fund a new Student Union, but campus organizations have already paid to get out the vote - the 'yes' vote.

Student Unions Director Dan Adams said the Memorial Student Union has paid for 20 signs and banners about the upcoming student referendum

Of the 20, 10 state "vote yes," five state "vote on the 18th and 19th," and the remaining five state "support a yes vote," he said, adding the signs cost about $20 apiece.

He said some of the signs were made to donate to campus groups in support of the referendum.

"If a group decides, collectively, they support a 'yes' vote, we could give one to them," he said, but added no one has yet asked.

Student Unions Business Manager Joseph Dimercurio said when the bills are received, the money will most likely be taken from an administrative account, depending on the company that printed the signs and where the purchase requisition came from.

Dimercurio, who took over as business manager after the signs were purchased, said he did not know either the company or the origin of the purchase requisition.

Jeff Schrade, head of the "Union Yes, Fee No!" campaign, the only major opposition to the proposed referendum, said his total campaign expenses have reached about $300.

The expenses have been covered by private donations, he said.

Schrade said he has posted fliers around campus over the past week, and will continue this week.

His group also handed out stickers and fliers during Homecoming festivities last weekend.

Mark Rooney, who is handling the Associated Students educational campaign on the referendum, estimated he spent between $250 and $350, or 5 to 7 percent of his annual budget, on informative fliers and posters.

Rooney said the signs, which do not include the "envision symbol," were posted by Associated Students, along with several ads taken out in the Arizona Daily Wildcat.

"My job is to get everyone educated on this issue," Rooney said. "My goal is good voter turnout. Unless we get 2,500 to 3,000 voters, we won't get a good idea of how students feel about this."

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