By Scott Brower
Arizona Daily Wildcat
November 17, 1997

Likins off to bad start with students


When Peter Likins was chosen to be president, it appeared that a good, working relationship between the students and the administration would result. From the August 25, 1997 Wildcat:

"The people in Tucson have been so warm and so supportive - that gives me the confidence that I can accomplish all the goals of the university."

"I really need to find a way to make a connection, and I need to make myself available to the students."

Clearly, Likins' actions so far have been contrary to these statements. I had my doubts about his sincerity when I read the October 7 Wildcat where he basically told students to stop wasting their time fighting the IIF, and find something else to worry about. Now, my feelings are confirmed- Mr. Likins insists that students don't have a choice as to the funding of the Student Union. Students are, again, powerless in the face of hisagenda. Mr. Likins, if you are indeed serious about your commitment to students and the university, please reassess your position on these issues. Your administration's relationship with the student body is clearly off to a bad start. Please say what you mean, and mean what you say. Consistency is essential for a good working relationship in the future.

Scott Brower
International business/French senior


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