photospread 11-17-97

  • Senior forward Adia Barnes (30) goes for a lay-up in the game against Slovakia. She grabed seven rebounds in the game.(~49K)

  • Arizona senior forward Mikko Giordano (34) picks up a rebound during the Wildcats' preseason match-up. Giordano scored 18 points in the game. (~44K)

  • UA senior center Marte Alexander (42) makes a quick stop before putting up the ball. Alexander did not start during Sunday's game because she had only been able to attend a few practices after suffering a spell of migraine headaches.(~47K)

  • Arizona senior forward Adia Barnes (30) looks for a passing opportunity. The Wildcats remain unbeaten in their preseason schedule with a win over Myjava Slovakia, 88-72.(~55K)

  • UA senior center Marte Alexander (42) shoots for two of her 14 points of the game.(~49K)

  • UA senior forward Cha-Ron Walker (33) makes a lay-up against a Slovakian guard in their match up Sunday night.(~51K)

  • California quarterback Justin Vedder (10) scrambles away from Arizona linebackers Chester Burnett (35) and DaShon Polk (31).(~34K)

  • Arizona quarterback Keith Smith (12) punches through a hole in the Cal defense.(~35K)

  • Freshman Arizona quarterback Ortege Jenkins (16) attempts to pass while under pressure from California defensive tackle Brandon Whiting (48).(~39K)

  • Sophomore running back Trung Canidate (30) spins in a crowd while the defense zones in on the tackle. (~32K)

  • UA defensive tackle Joe Salavéa (56) gets helped off the field by his teammates after his game injury.(~30K)

  • Arizona wide receiver Dennis Northcutt streaks past Cal defenders Matt Beck (59) and James Gibson (92).(~30K)

  • Running back Trung Candiddate (30) gets yards in the double overtime against California Saturday night, which resulted in a victory for the UA.(~32K)

  • UA wide receiver Brad Brennan (13) runs in for a touchdown in the third quarter of Saturday night's game. Brennan had a total of five catches, ran 88 yards, and scored one touchdown.(~38K)

  • UA quarterback Keith Smith (12) throws a pass while getting good blocking from his teammates. (~52K)


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