juanas addiccíon

  • Perry Farrell belts it out. (~19k)

  • Perry Farrell becomes a blur of movement during the song "Ain't No Right".(~39k)

  • Dave Navarro strikes a pose and a chord at the same time.(~28k)

  • Perry Farrell gets some major air jumping off the drum riser.(~59k)

  • Perry Farrell hits a high note...(~50k)

  • Jane's guitarist Dave Navarro has a moment in the spotlight.(~31k)

  • Perry Farrell sings from the floor behind Dave Navarro.(~23k)

  • Flea lays down a bassline behind singer Perry Farrell.(~50k)

  • (Left to right) Guitarist Dave Navarro, bassist Flea, and singer Perry Farrell rock out.(~32k)

  • On the second stage, Dave Navarro plays the notes to "Jane Says."(~29k)

  • Perry sings the song "Jane Says" from the second stage.(~22k)

  • Fans raise their hands to the band during "Jane Says."(~45k)

  • Perry Farrell strikes a pose in front of Stephen Perkins.(~53k)

  • Dave Navarro makes a fashion statement.(~56k)

  • Perry Farrell begins the show singing from the drum riser in front of drummer Stephen Perkins.(~68k)


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