By Jenny Weinstein
Arizona Daily Wildcat
December 9, 1997

KAMP is also Union fee news source


On behalf of KAMP Student Radio I would like to express my distaste with a comment made by ASUA Executive Vice President Casey Cuny, in the November 24 edition of the Wildcat. In an effort to attack the Wildcat, Mr. Cuny stated, "It is truly a shame when there is no other major source of media, and the monopoly decides, unethically, to run an election." This statement is unfortunate and inaccurate.

On November 17, KAMP hosted a forum dealing specifically with the Student Union Referendum. We invited student leaders, administrators and the entire student body to come and learn the implications of the referendum. At this forum we provided a panel of student leaders who were thoroughly educated on the issue. Melissa Vito, the Dean of Students and Dan Adams the Director of the Arizona Student Unions, were both present to answer questions and to offer clarification. In addition, we had an open microphone enabling students to ask questions of the panel and to express their concerns.

Our primary intent for holding the forum was to allow the students' voices to be heard. As News Director at KAMP, I feel that we provided an unbiased presentation of the Student Union Referendum. In reference to the Wildcat's "monopoly," they took a position on an issue, as do many other media sources in our society. Perhaps at this point it would be wise for Mr. Cuny and the rest of ASUA to focus on the future. Pouting and whining will not get us anywhere. The students have spoken and it is your job, ASUA, to listen.

Jenny Weinstein
Sociology Sophomore
News Director, KAMP Student Radio


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