By Jennifer Cooper
Arizona Daily Wildcat
January 15, 1998

Thanks for recycling

To the Editor:

The UA Recycling Department would like to send a warm welcome back to the students, staff and faculty from a well deserved holiday break. We would like to thank everyone for participating in the recycling efforts on our campus in 1997. During the past fiscal year we recycled over 600 tons of paper product, which saved 10,200 trees. When this program was initiated in 1990, we recycled the equivalent of 118 trees. Everyone who recycled their paper, cardboard boxes, aluminum cans and newspapers supported our efforts for an environmentally conscious campus. Fro those who may still have questions about the UA Recycling Department, here's the scoop: our campus program exists due to the hard-working citizens of our campus who are willing to lend a hand. If you would like to be involved please call us at 621-1264.

The staff in the Recycling Department is responsible for the placement of outside recycling receptacles. If there is not a receptacle convenient to your location and you would like one, please feel free to call and we will be glad to help. Boxes are also given to departments as part of our program. These boxes are used to collect materials such as paper for our Paper Plus Program, aluminum cans and newspaper, on occasion. The custodial staff in your area will service the paper boxes and sometimes the aluminum boxes. However, the newspaper boxes are done strictly on a volunteer basis for the campus; call us to find out which site is closest to you. Cardboard recycling is also successful due to the custodians in each building. The custodians take flattened boxes from the buildings and place them in our regular pick-up sites. If you would like to recycle your cardboard, please call us for information.

The Recycling Department would like to take this time to suggest the use of the Recycler Mug which can be found in many locations throughout campus. These are an excellent investment, as they save on waste that may otherwise be directed to a landfill.

If you live in an apartment or in an area that does not offer curb-side recycling, please call 791-5000. This is the "ReThinkIt" hotline which may be able to assist you in your recycling needs.

The University Recycling Department would like to thank you again for your previous participation and would like to encourage everyone to participate in the future. Recycling is fun and responsible. Re-use, recycle, and re-think it! Our Recycling Department e-mail address is recycling@fm.arizona.edu.

Jennifer Cooper
UA Recycling Employee
Studio Art and Art Education Sophomore


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