Insight.com bowl

  • Senior running back Trung Canidate gives thanks for his offensive player of the game plaque after the game.(~40k)

  • Arizona senior right tackle Jose Portilla (77) and New Mexico junior defensive tackle Bill Borchers (98) congratulate each other after the game.(~52k)

  • Arizona corner back Kelly Malveaux (21) braces himself to hit New Mexico fullback Chris Shelton (38).(~30k)

  • Running back Trung Canidate (30) tries to find a hole.(~41k)

  • Running back Kevin Schmidtke (34) gets a block from right tackle Jose Portilla (77).(~37k)

  • Senior running back Kevin Schmidtke (34) breaks a tackle.(~47k)

  • Senior quarterback (10) Brady Batten calls an audible play during the game.(~35k)

  • Freshman quarterback Ortege Jenkins (16) scrambles for a few yards.(~29k)

  • Senior place kicker Mark McDonald attempts the extra point after a touchdown.(~34k)

  • Coach Tomey accepts speaks about the game.(~45k)


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