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By Tory Hernandez
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 4, 1997

ASUA rushes in the new federal relations director

After a suspension of Arizona's Open Meeting Law last night, the Associated Students Senate unanimously voted Andrew Hayden ASUA federal relations director.

Hayden was appointed Tuesday night, too late to post his name on the agenda for Senate confirmation, which prompted Sen. Stephanie Lyons' motion to suspend the rules.

The law states that items not on the meeting agenda at least 24 hours in advance, cannot be voted on.

But the Senate allowed the rule suspension and voted on the appointment, making Hayden eligible to go on a mandatory ASUA retreat this weekend.

Senator Lyons, ASUA President Gilbert Davidson and ASUA Treasurer Sean Murray interviewed Hayden, and Lyons said he was chosen based on his experience and understanding of the position.

The job involves promoting student issues on a national scale by working with U.S. government officials.

Hayden said he had worked in ASUA during the summer and wanted to become more involved.

"This year I want to get issues out and promote higher education," he said.

In other business:

The Blue Key Honorary was granted $1,650 for paint, buses and Emergency Medical Technicians for the annual "A" Day. Every year, freshmen from residence halls and Greek housing whitewash the "A" on "A" Mountain.

Executive Vice President Casey Cuny issued a proposal to appropriate $12,000 to fund club sports, which was approved unanimously.

Brian Melvin, director of the Escort Service, said the summer budget increase of $21,000 would provide for 22 paid employees.

Previously, all workers were volunteers. In addition, all employees will have uniforms.

Sen. Summer Katzenbach was named chair of the Big Event, ASUA's annual community clean-up event.

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