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By John Brown
Arizona Daily Wildcat
January 26, 1998

No charges will be filed against Barkley

No criminal charges will be filed against Houston Rockets forward Charles Barkley in connection with a locker-room incident involving a female reporter after an Oct. 19 exhibition game at McKale Center.

Deputy Pima County Attorney Kevin Krejci said Friday that, after reviewing police reports and the television producer's statements, there was no evidence Barkley committed a criminal act.

Elizabeth A. Anderson, a producer for a Christian television channel, said Barkley removed his towel during a post-game interview and began to "wipe his private parts" in front of her, according to University of Arizona Police Department reports.

Anderson, who said she works for the Christian Power, Health, Prosperity and Soul Channel, told university police that when she began talking to Barkley about his Christian beliefs, he was wearing a towel around his waist.

As the two continued to talk, Barkley removed his towel, exposing his genitals, then turned and bent over, showing his buttocks, Anderson told university police.

After the encounter, Anderson told Barkley, "Charles, you need prayer," police reports stated.

"It appears that Mr. Barkley did nothing more than dress where the victim could see him," Krejci said. "She entered the men's locker room voluntarily, and knew it was a place where men would be undressing."

Anderson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the all-star forward and his team in U.S. District Court Oct. 22, which was later dismissed by a U.S. district judge.

Anderson told the Arizona Daily Wildcat in November that she was suing Barkley and the Rockets for legal fees and for "all the publicity I'm getting."

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