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By Greg Clark
Arizona Daily Wildcat
January 26, 1998

Crash sends two to the hospital

A Friday morning crash at East Speedway Boulevard and North Mountain Avenue sent two people to University Medical Center with minor injuries.

A blue Ford LTD heading east on Speedway shortly after 8 a.m. hit a white Nissan Altima turning left from Speedway Boulevard onto southbound Mountain Avenue, said Tucson police Officer J.N. Markles.

The Ford entered the intersection with the green light when the Altima turned in front of it, Markles said.

The Ford scored a direct hit and smashed into the center of the Nissan's passenger door. It bashed in most of the Altima's passenger side.

Both the driver of the Ford and the Nissan's passenger sustained injuries and were taken to UMC, Markles said.

Jon Goodell, a University of Arizona engineering sophomore, was driving directly in front of the Ford and said he saw the collision in his rear-view mirror.

"I was watching the intersection because it looked like a dangerous situation," Goodell said.

The intersection was full of cars waiting to turn left, he explained, so it was difficult for turning vehicles to see oncoming traffic.

Later Friday morning, UMC confirmed the two were being treated but expected them to be released later that day.

The identities of the drivers could not be confirmed. No information about citations was available.

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