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By Megan Hardy
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 2, 1998

Bookstore creates online book exchange

UA students having trouble selling their used textbooks can now exchange them online through the UA Associated Students Bookstore's Web site.

The Student Book Exchange is an additional outlet for students to get back some money they paid for textbooks, said Cindy Hawk, the bookstore's assistant director. Previously, students had to sell their books through various bookstores, she said.

But students receive low wholesale prices at bookstores for their used books, making the book-selling process a disservice to students, Hawk said. And if instructors change the textbook requirements for a course, some bookstores will not buy back the discontinued class literature.

While students will do most of the work, they may get better book prices using the Web site, Hawk said.

Matthew Acker, a civil engineering sophomore, said he likes the new site.

"The book exchange worked really well for me," he said. "I have four books that the bookstore wouldn't buy back, and I was able to sell all four online within days."

To sell books online, students fill out an online form. The books are then posted on the list, along with a phone number or e-mail address. If a student needs a book posted online, he must get in contact with the seller and work out prices and payment on his own.

After students sell their books, they must delete their information from the list.

Hawk said the bookstore would like to give students more ways to save money.

She said the online book exchange is a great service for students.

"I'm surprised that more student haven't used the exchange," Hawk said. "We expect it to grow once students realize the amount of money that this may save."

Although the online system is convenient, Acker said selling books to the bookstore is still less of a hassle.

"The bookstore is instantaneous," he said. "I'd rather go to the bookstore first and try to sell the books back, and then put my books online. But for the ones that they won't buy back, I'll definitely use the book exchange."

As of yesterday, the book exchange listed 51 books for sale. More than 30 people have used the site attempting to sell their textbooks.

The book exchange is at http://www.bookstore.arizona.edu/Bookexchange on the World Wide Web.

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