By Jacquelyn Davoli
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 3, 1998

Feminists are not all alike

To the Editor:

Jennifer McKean's column "Exploring feminism at its worst" (Jan. 28) is full of misconceptions and errors. One major problem with her article is that she lumps all feminists together, stating that "their extremist way of thinking can be hazardous to your health." Perhaps there are some feminists out there who do have extreme positions or viewpoints, but to label all individuals who consider themselves feminists extremists based on misconceptions the author no doubt got from the media and popular culture is disappointing, to say the least.

Simply put, not all feminists think alike, as Ms. McKean seems to believe. Perhaps she should take a Women's Studies class so she can learn about the varying perspectives of feminism, unless she is afraid of being depressed, as she seems to believe Women's Studies programs make women. After all, she has an expert supporting her, right?

I put little faith in these expert opinions. I have been involved with the Women's Studies Department here at the UA for more than four years. I received my BA in Women's Studies and am now working on my Master's. I am not depressed, nor do I consider myself a victim. Rather, Ms. McKean is simplifying all of the issues that she rattles off so quickly and pays so little heed to. I really find it hard to believe that the purpose of the Women's Studies Department is to produce depressed victims; rather, their role is to educate all people, regardless of race or sex, about the issues facing society, and how our positions in society are bound up by societal mores and beliefs.

In sum, I invite Ms. McKean to meet some of us Women's Studies students and feminists, if only to prove to her that we don't all think, look and act alike. Or maybe she could enroll in a class, if it wouldn't be too difficult for her. And in the future, before she starts criticizing a movement or academic department, it would be wise for her to first know that which she condescends to.

Jacquelyn Davoli
Women's Studies graduate student



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