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By Zach Thomas
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 10, 1998

Davis says balance is key to higher ed.

PHOENIX - Departing Regent Kurt Davis yesterday spelled out two priorities he believes key to the future success of Arizona's three public universities.

A regent for only two years before his sudden exit, Davis said university effectiveness is contingent on balancing resources and keeping abreast with the fast pace of technology.

"Technology is changing education," he said. "It's also offering and opening up doors that were never thought of 20 years ago."

In addition, Davis said balancing resources among the University of Arizona, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University was tough, but feasible.

"Maintaining the excellent quality that exists at all three institutions and at the same time having liberal admittance" was key, he said. "It's a very difficult balancing act."

Davis stepped down from the board Thursday to become an NAU administrator.

As a message to the remaining regents and his successor, Davis stressed comprehensive representation.

"Always remember that you are a regent for all three institutions," he said. "Each university has a very specific special place, but your strategy should be driven by what's best for all three."

Davis, the unofficial northern Arizona regent, knew this strategy well, as NAU has the lowest enrollment, and thus the least representation on the board.

"Your strategic plan has got to be for the whole system. You can't afford duplication and unneeded competition," he said. "You've got to focus your time and resources where the marketplace, i.e. the students, are demanding."

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