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ASUA elections head blasts VP Rosensteel

By David J. Cieslak
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 19, 1999
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The ASUA elections commissioner last night attacked Administrative Vice President Ryan Rosensteel for falsely accusing a candidate of violating campaign code.

During a forum designed to introduce Associated Students elections candidates, Rosensteel alleged that Vene Aguirre, write-in candidate for the administrative vice-presidential position, broke the campaign guidelines.

Rosensteel said Aguirre, a political science junior, distributed flyers without receiving approval from the ASUA elections commission.

But Anthony Hill, ASUA's elections commissioner, said Rosensteel's charges were false and no such rule exists. Hill accused Rosensteel of favoring Viviane Safrin, Aguirre's competitor for the position.

"I think he's upset because that particular candidate (Aguirre) is attacking Viviane," Hill said after the meeting. "It's really childish and it needs to stop. I'm really sick of it."

Hill said he hopes Rosensteel will stay silent in the future.

"He's wrong and it's because it's coming from a personal attack," Hill said. "I hope he's wise enough to be quiet from now on."

After the meeting, Rosensteel said his personal feelings played no part in the accusations.

"In the beginning of the year, I took an oath to the ASUA constitution," Rosensteel said. "That is the only reason."

Safrin, a psychology, English literature and history sophomore, also said Rosensteel's motives were pure when he made the announcement.

"I think he was trying to bring to light that violations are made unintentionally," she said.

Safrin committed an election code violation last month when she sent advertising letters to fraternities, sororities and residence halls. Hill punished Safrin with a fine and a decree stating that she cannot hang campaign banners.

Aguirre said Safrin was willing to break the rules to get ahead in the elections.

"I think there's been a lack of communication between Viviane's people and my people," Aguirre said. "She felt she needed something to back herself up."

Aguirre began her drive toward the administrative vice president position last night by sharing with forum attendees her various ideas to improve the University of Arizona and ASUA.

Aguirre also took time, much like several other forum participants, to bash ASUA and condemn her opponent.

She said Safrin, ASUA's community development director, has not adequately fulfilled the requirements of her position.

"What has community development done this year?" Aguirre asked. "Beats the hell out of me."

After the meeting, Safrin said she was busy planning for ASUA's community service affair called "The Big Event," a neighborhood clean-up venture.

"People don't know the planning that goes into that," she said, adding that ASUA was also planning a work-program in retirement homes but "the plans fell through."

"It was difficult to get things on the run," she said.

UA students can vote for the candidates next week during Tuesday and Wednesday primary elections.