UA settles claim stemming from buried pesticides
The UA will shell out about $440,000 for selling a plot of land to a Mesa school district that university employees contaminated with pesticides more than 40 years ago. UA officials gained Arizona Board of Regents approval Friday to settle a claim filed against the university for selling the East Valley Institute of Technology - a 79.2 acre plot used for agricultural research.

Senior's return sparks first win
Senior Sarah Schier picked an opportune moment to return to the Arizona women's lacrosse team. After transferring to another school for one semester, she returned to UA this spring, but had to go through a check on her eligibility that cost her the team's first four games.

ASUA Candidates who can help
At this flash point of student disillusionment with ASUA, candidates are advocating profound changes to the way student government here is run. Candidates across the board are agreeing that ASUA's finger has strayed far from the pulse of student concerns and they are pushing or throwing their support behind proposals targeting this problem.

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