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Needed: A good orgasm

By Carolyn Marietta
Arizona Daily Wildcat
March 4, 1999
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To the editor,

I am appalled at Brett Erickson's March 1 article regarding women's studies for a couple of reasons. Number one, I think it was unfair, if not totally inappropriate, for Mr. Erickson to cite only one instructor's use of Antigone Books for student textbooks. From what I understand there are several teachers who have used this route, and they don't all include those in the women's studies department.

The fact that Yvonne Reineke was singled out is a total mystery. Secondly, and perhaps even more perplexing is how this particular subject ended up coming to the attention of a state legislator from Phoenix! As if the backward, right-wing, gay-bashing, anti-education, moralizing misogynists in Arizona need any more ammunition! I suppose this reporter was trying to tie-in Rep. Linda Gray's threats regarding women's studies with some local interest. Otherwise, why bring in an independent, locally-owned bookstore? Perhaps a better approach would have been to separate these two issues. Like, why are instructors using Antigone Books (or better yet, how can the ASUA Bookstore get away with buying back $40.00 worth of books for only $ .75 at the end of the semester?), and what exactly does Rep. Gray mean when she says that the women's studies department better adopt "a more conservative attitude"?

Is this the "family values" thing again? You know, how everything was better when women didn't question why they stayed home, had no control over the finances or birth control, and self-esteem issues were nonexistent? Oh, and when no one ever talked about alcoholism, domestic violence, incest, or child abuse.

Personally, what I think Rep. Gray and her ilk really need is a good orgasm. Unfortunately, I'm sure they've seen to it that that's NEVER taught in school.

Carolyn Marietta
English senior