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Tales in the raw

By meghan tifft
Arizona Daily Wildcat
March 4, 1999
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What would have happened if Jack had been eaten by the giant? In an exhibit at the Raw gallery on Sixth Avenue, he was. It was a visual narrative, done in six pieces. After the giant ate Jack, he burped. Next, he made a big poop. In another narrative, little Red Riding Hood fed a minotaur. Then she wet her bed. The last story had some sort of religious undertone. Jesus was there, and his penis was showing.

The six images in each of the three stories were mixed and matched between artists. Joe Forkan, George Huffman and Michael Longstaff each contributed panels. One artist began and ended the narrative, and the other two filled in the middle. After the story was started and the first panel handed off, the process of artistic decision making began, and each new image was influenced by the one before it. It was like that classroom game in which every child writes a sentence and passes the paper until a complete story is made. Usually those end up involving vomit or space travel. These stories were like that too, except that they were painted, and much more developed.

All in all it was pretty neat. I got to see Jack holding a torch inside the giant's belly. And then, because it was hot, my boyfriend bought me ice cream. - meghan tifft