Simon lawsuit moves to Pima County
Attorneys for former UA basketball star Miles Simon confirmed a $1 million suit against the university will be submitted in Pima County Superior Court today. Milton Grimes, Simon's lawyer, said a California federal district court judge decided Monday that the defamation and invasion of privacy lawsuit fell under Arizona Superior Court jurisdiction.

The final drive
While no longer a contender for the Pacific 10 Conference title, the UA men's basketball team still has quite a few reasons to be motivated for this weekend's last home series against Southern Cal and UCLA.

Women's Studies vs. Home Ec.
State Rep. Linda Gray, a Republican from Phoenix, is threatening to do away with the women's studies program at the UA, unless it gets more conservative. It may seem like a good idea. If liberal women's studies professors are using the department as a soapbox for leftist ideas, maybe we should rein them in a bit.

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Today: Mostly sunny with highs around 80. Tonight, high clouds at times, with lows 40 to 45.

"The Llama is a woolly sort of fleecy hairy goat with an indolent expression and an undulating throat. Like an unsuccessful literary man."
 Hilaire Belloc

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