'Sound' investments for university yield highest returns in past 10 years
The UA Foundation saw the highest investment return for University of Arizona funds in a decade last year, while the national average of peer institutions dropped about 2 percent.

In a 1998 comparison of 506 universities nationwide, the University of Arizona ranked 149 because of "conservative" investments, said Gary Scrivner, vice president of finance and administration at the UA Foundation.

"In most cases we out-performed our peer institutions because of sound investments," he said. "We invest for growth and income."

UA prepares for season finale
The Wildcat men's volleyball team takes its No. 1 ranking into Tempe to face Arizona State tomorrow. It is a rematch of a March 10 match in Tucson. It is the final regular season match and UA head coach Steve Carlat expects the match to be a tune-up for the conference tournament being held next week.

ASU, which the Wildcats regard as one of the better club teams, fell to Arizona in three straight sets, 15-7, 15-3, 15-9.

UA setter Steve Walker felt that injuries may have hurt the Sun Devils.

Don't be afraid of intelligence tests
Americans don't like standardized tests.

Standardized tests smack of elitism, discrimination, and all sorts of ideas our society spent the sixties trying to do away with. The sad truth, however, is that they work.

A test such as the SAT predicts school performance very well. The exact numbers and statistical correlation are meaningless to most people, but the truth remains. Despite anecdotal evidence to the contrary, students with high SAT scores have been shown to do well in college. Students with low SAT scores do poorly.

Do you agree with the US involvement in the air raids on Yugoslavia?

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