ASUA prez-elect plans to evaluate club funds
Despite a UA attorney's opinion that a case headed to the country's high court does not apply to the university, the ASUA president-elect said he wants to adjust the student government's club funding methods. University of Arizona attorney Mike Proctor said he was "pretty confident" a First Amendment case questioning the constitutionality of forcing students to fund on-campus clubs with political, religious or ideological agendas would not apply to the UA funding structure.

A dream come true
Audiences of all ages gathered in front of their televisions to cheer on their favorite heroes as their country competed in the Summer Olympics of 1984. At one point or another it was in the hearts of some of the young children to one day be that Olympic gold medalist.

Editorial: Police chase begs restraint, not recriminations
Wild car chases are the stuff of movies, not of sleepy college towns like Tucson. Car chases that end in death are not the stuff of either setting. But it happened here and the repercussions are still being determined. The big question is this: Did University of Arizona Police Department Officer Jason Kingman give chase to Samuel I Morales, 20, in violation of the UAPD policy forbidding chases for traffic violations?

Do you agree with the US involvement in the air raids on Yugoslavia?

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Today: Windy with increasing high cloudiness. Some blowing dust is possible in the afternoon. Highs in the lower 80s. Tonight, lows in the 50s..

"Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it."
Albert Einstein

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