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A good Marine would never disgrace women

By Stacie Hudgens
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 2, 1999
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To the editor,

I cannot believe that John Mohler would have the audacity to criticize and insult women the way he did in his letter "Combat no place for women or for the faint of heart." I don't believe in combat, but I believe in defending freedom. Does that mean that I should bow to a man who carries a gun and fights for fun just because I am the weaker gender in John's eyes?

I have two brothers who were marines and would never think to disgrace women the way he did and have it published. My question to him is this, why aren't you in Kosovo? Many of the women I know are strong and courageous without being married and having children. If John thinks that men are best at fighting, then his exposure to strong, intelligent men is lacking and he has wasted his education here at the university. Days of dragging women around by the hair and grunting for communication are over John, so if that is your idea of gender roles, I suggest you volunteer for the front line.

Stacie Hudgens
Research Specialist