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Stop painting Serbs as villains

By Daniel Benard
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 12, 1999
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To the editor,

I was shocked when I opened the Daily Wildcat to see a cartoon depicting a scruffy caricature of a man with a label on him which read "Serbs." The cartoon showed a clean-cut blond gentleman (American, of course) asking the "Serbs" how such atrocities (which all Serbs apparently commit) could happen.

What next? Maybe a crazy-eyed, bomb-wielding madman with "Arab" painted on his chest. Shame on the editors of the Wildcat for printing such a demented (and) racist cartoon. Shame on the Wildcat for submitting to the one-sided demonization which always seems to accompany military action.

I guess the government must manipulate us to hate whoever they are bombing this month, just like they told us to hate the Japanese during World War II. Apparently, this propaganda works. The letters to the editor from slack-jawed students (makes it apparent) they have formed their opinions from 30 minutes of CNN.

There is more to this issue than "must bomb the genocidal, ethnic-cleansing bad people!" Get informed.

Daniel Benard
History junior